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With an extensive background and real world experience in designing and implementing scientific applications, Neunet Solutions is a perfect choice for your software development needs. Look to us as an extension of your organization. We can build software solutions for your in-house needs or for your clients, regardless of industry! 

We understand the needs and distinct requirements for each application, and we will provide you with the right talent and expertise to successfully implement all your projects. Whether you need workstation-based, monolithic, distributed, web based, or hybrid software, we have the right background to assist you with the choice of technology, platform, design, and implementation. 

Understanding common challenges in software development in such environments, Neunet Solutions has developed an integrated platform to rapidly build your applications and deliver them to your users via a dedicated client or simply a web browser. We can help you to drive down development costs and guide you to avoid common pit-falls in software development. 

A sampling of scientific applications that we have built is included below. Please contact us directly for a free one-hour project assessment at

Mangeeze Inc.

Design and implementation of a PC-based integrated environment for management, visualization, model development, testing, and deployment of real-time financial models. Platform developed to dynamically load data exceeding millions of samples and performing complex pattern recognition. Developed with expandability as a primary factor, application allows adding additional functionality and services using COM technology.







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