NeuChat Instant Messaging System 2.3, Enterprise Edition adds great value to enterprises today by providing the first secure and fully customizable instant messaging solution in the marketplace!  

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:: NeuChat™ 2.3 ::

Empower your website, your organization’s intranet, and your customers with the real-time communication capability that they desire in order to communicate their needs directly to you! NeuChat™ allows you and your end-users to communicate more efficiently with one another within or outside of your firewall securely. NeuChat™ is a powerful java chat server that can run independently, or as part of EConExplorer’s content-sharing platform. Regardless of how you want to use it, your end-users will be better informed to make critical business decisions!

Now your customers, partners, and affiliates will be able to collaborate with one another in real-time, as well as get answers to questions that they have quickly and easily. The Internet is growing at an exponential rate. With the amount of information available on the world wide web today, it is hard for your customers to determine what information is really pertinent to them. Going over pages and pages of your website can be time consuming and frustrating, so give your customers the power of real-time collaboration by adding NeuChat™ to your site. With NeuChat™, your customers will be able to chat directly to your designated representative(s) who are best prepared to answer all their questions instantly! This means that your customers will be happier with the fast and efficient way you have answered their questions and concerns. And happy customers always add to your organization’s bottom line.

Your employees are also empowered with the ability to collaborate with one another in real-time, regardless of whether they are in the same building, opposite coasts, or across the globe. Business has never been easier with NeuChat™. Exchange of real-time information and collaboration will lessen the bottleneck created in having to leave voice-mail messages and waiting for email responses. PrivateRooms are available, allowing various logged on users to collaborate with one another directly and discreetly. System Administrators are able to quickly create various Chat Rooms to enable different departments to communicate with one another, or exchange information with colleagues in other departments by utilizing NeuChat™’s powerful and intuitive Administrative interface.

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NeuChat Client
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