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FinExpert™ 5.1.7: GWT-based, Credit Portfolio Management Platform built on our EConExplorer technology. Learn More now ...

 Browser-based Credit Managment Software

EConExplorer™5.8: A platform to automate business processes and manage dynamic content for your JSP/J2EE container...








Are you tired of purchasing costly solutions that do not integrate well with your existing infrastructure?

Neunet Solutions provides ready solutions and an integrated environment to cost effectively create Java-based, UI-independent solutions (GWT, JSP, Java or mixed tehcnologies) applications to automate your business processes using standardized technologies.

Our focus is to provide a platform that fits for standard compliance, modularity and scalability, while providing flexibility and compatibility with various operating systems and databases.  At the same time, we address an enterprise’s business requirements via a cross-platform solution that provides cross-browser accessibility for your end-users.

Our solutions provide enhanced productivity and direct benefit to your organization’s bottom line. 

We welcome you to learn more about our various product offerings such as FinExpert™ , NeuChat™ Instant Messaging System, FilesOnTheGo™, and EConExplorer™.   If we can be of any assistance to your organization, please do not hesitate to contact us at


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