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EConExplorer™ can be used to distribute and manage static and dynamic content which may be highly distributed. Sharing dynamic content can take two different forms:

1. Generic distribution with the ability to navigate, search, sort, add, generate reports and update content.

2. Specialized distribution, which incorporates business logic along with the functionality outlined for generic formats.

EConExplorer™ allows for the creation and publishing of ContentObjects™, which encapsulate out-of-the-box functionalities required for distribution of dynamic content originating from various repositories. Organizations may then create HTML/XML templates, that are specific to the content being distributed (e.g. Helpdesk’s look-and-feel is different from Inventory Management's). A template repository can then be created and made available for future use within EConExplorer™’s ContentManager™.

The following are examples of the different applications of EConExplorer™.

:: Disseminating Updated Information ::

EConExplorer™ solves a need for organizations that have large amounts of data where not everyone needs to see all the information. It would be wasteful if an organization was required to send out copies of information to all parties, where you are unsure of who needs what information.

:: Disseminating Sales and Inventory Data ::

EConExplorer™ solves a need for organizations that have large amounts of data, such as inventory, that needs to be disseminated in a timely fashion. For example, a company may be interested in disseminating sales activity to their employees, where the employees are scattered over the country, or even internationally. EConExplorer™allows employees to log on and get up-to-the minute sales activity or availability of individual items in inventory and create reports.

:: Collaboration and Workflow ::

EConExplorer™ allows collaboration where various users can participate to complete a Workflow such as Invoice Management and Tracking Systems. Since all your users need is a browser on their machine, they never have to update any software, thereby reducing required resources to manage your business processes.

:: Distributing and Managing Documents ::

EConExplorer™ distributes documents to authorized users based on their profile via customizable and intuitive interfaces. Your users do not have to entirely rely on keyword search to locate documents of interest. If deployed as a distributed solution (such as a Peer-to-Peer model), EConExplorer™ allows users to search for documents within the content network that is available to their specific profile.

:: Metadata Search ::

EConExplorer™ provides metadata search making the task of finding information very simple and intuitive. Users no longer have to know the exact "description" of the information they are looking for. Many concepts can be associated with EConExplorer™'s ContentObjects™, thereby allowing your users to quickly and efficiently locate business critical information.



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