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:: Point of Component Assembly and Central Administration ::

Unlike traditional IDEs that tie everything together, EConExplorer™'s ContentManager allows you to create UI-independent application components that can be used in the environment appropriate for the task and the project.

This allows you to assemble applications with modality of delivery best suitable for the project. Therefore, it brings a good portion of application development from code developers to functional developers and distributes the tasks. A typical activity for a functional developer could be (based on use cases):

  • Identify data sources for the application
  • Drag-n-drop DSOs onto data store's modules
  • Create an appropriate virtual folder (or use an existing one) for the app for the end users to access through
  • Define app-level data structure(s) to further insulate the app from the underlying data source(s) - your app's component are only aware of this data model
  • Define app-level component schema and bind them, if necessary, to the data structure
  • Customize the compnents
  • test and deliver it to code developers for business logic and UI implementation

This distribution of tasks in complex application developments makes it much more efficient, plus your code development has externalized most of its volatile portion so when modifications are needed, no code changes are needed and compilation may not be necessary.



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