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Neunet Solutions provides the first J2EE compliant dynamic content management solution (DCMS), enabling the real-time sharing of dynamic content. The result is the creation of an environment that promotes the real-time collaboration of business processes. Our product, EConExplorer™, provides your organization a secure means of unlocking the gateway to your enterprise content. It offers a simple and intuitive conduit for your authorized end-users to gain access to information when they need it most. EConExplorer™’s Peer-to-Peer (P2P) architecture creates a secure, transparent free-flow of information within your organization’s distributed environment.

Written 100% in Java, EConExplorer™ is built upon Sun Microsystem's J2EE architecture. This allows EConExplorer™ to be launched on a variety of hardware and operating system configurations.

EConExplorer’s P2P architecture creates a content network for organizations with geographically dispersed locations, using WAN such as the Internet, to provide uniform access to content. This allows each organization to remain in control of their content and still share it with their affiliates in a global content network.

Unlike traditional content management solutions, EConExplorer™ provides an integrated environment that allows for the sharing of your organization’s dynamic content, documents, and MIME types from the same interface, thereby saving your organization time and money.

EConExplorer™'s ContentObjects™ provides access to content of any type, using your organization’s customized templates, thereby making content categorization simple and intuitive for your end-users. ContentObjects™ allows thousands of documents to be shared via one node thereby providing users with simple and quick interfaces to find relevant information

Building ActiveDocuments™ has never been easier. With EConExplorer™ templates, organizations can build ActiveDocuments™ for collaborative sharing in real-time independent of where the content originated. Any changes made to such documents, assuming your organization’s System Administrator grants such privilege, are available immediately to all parties accessing the document.

EConExplorer™'s unique architecture ensures deployment in heterogeneous environments, which means your organization saves time and money in content distribution. Replicate your content distribution rules to any clustered environment using EConExplorer™'s XML-based protocols, to meet the demand for access to your critical business content. Use EConExplorer™'s administration interface to connect each organization's content network to create a global content network. This results in the creation of a virtual desktop for your end-users all with a web browser.




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