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:: Gateway for your End-Users ::

ContentBrowser™ is the gateway for your authorized end-users to access your enterprise content. ContentBrowser™ has an interface similar to Windows Explorer that creates a highly intuitive and easy to use environment.

Role-based access determines an end-user’s level of access to content. End-user attributes define one’s ability to access specific content, change and/or update content, and access other networks, along with many other security features established by the System Administrator.

ContentBrowser™ provides end-users with efficient distributed search capabilities through the Keyword Search, or metadata to locate information in dynamic repositories. These features optimize the efficiency of your employee’s time which translates into helping your organization’s bottom-line.

ActiveDocuments™ can be accessed via ContentBrowser™ for collaborative sharing in real-time, independent of where the content document(s) originated. Any changes made to such documents, assuming such a privilege is granted by the System Administrator, are made available immediately to all parties authorized to access the document.


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