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:: Use Your Existing System ::

EConExplorer™ utilizes your organization’s existing infrastructure. Since it has been built using the web services model, your organization’s System Administrator, as well as your end-users, simply needs a standard web browser to gain access into the system.

:: Minimal Training ::

EConExplorer™ has been engineered to provide an easy to use interface. The screens have been designed to be intuitive, drawing upon the experience we already have with the functions of windows and images. On-line help has been provided to look up immediate answers.

:: Ease of Use by End-Users ::

Browse over categories and simply click to view the content.

:: Ease of Use by System Administrators ::

System Administrators can launch and configure content distribution using any web browser from any location. Once content-access protocols are modified, new content is immediately available to all users without the need to restart the server.

:: Ease of Installation ::

EConExplorer™ runs off of any J2EE-compliant server, which requires no installation.

:: Pure HTML Front-end ::

A unique feature of EConExplorer™ is that the front-end is purely HTML and does not contain any JavaScript. This means that EConExplorer™ is sending pure HTML to your terminal and thus is compatible with virtually any browser.

(This is clearly not the case with other solutions where JavaScript is
incorporated in the front end, and since some browsers do not interpret
JavaScript or interpret it differently, end results may vary greatly.)

:: Thin-Client ::

EConExplorer™ resides on the server. This means that the end-users do not have to worry about installing anything on their computer(s) or terminal(s).

:: EConExplorer™ Architecture ::

EConExplorer™ has a multi-tier architecture, which makes it easy to retrieve data from different sources. End-users are able to plug in custom data modules.


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