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:: Company Overview ::

In today's business world, it is rare to find a company that is not in one way or another making use of computers and the Internet to conduct their day-to-day operations. In order to stay competitive within their fields of expertise, companies spend millions of dollars in software, hardware, and consulting services every year. The ever-changing infrastructures of the IT industry have businesses scrambling for the "latest and greatest" software solutions of today. The difficulty is finding a partner to help you assess the viability of the many solutions available, and be able to address your needs without draining your organization's resources.

Neunet Solutions takes the scrambling out of the picture and provides immediate answers to questions regarding your IT needs. We make sure we not only address your needs for today, but also partner with you in order to anticipate your organization's needs for tomorrow. Our solutions are based upon the talents, education, and experience of our team members, which contribute to the success of the projects we undertake. We understand our clients have choices and value the fact that they have chosen to bring their business to us. That is why Neunet Solutions puts an even greater value on our clients' input and concerns throughout the entire process.

Over the years we have built custom solutions for industries varying from financial to media. Regardless of industry type, we found a commonality in the need to access and share information that are in different formats, as well as residing in several types of repositories. With that commonality in mind, we have developed an innovative solution that effectively allows an organization to access and share its distributed information through cost-efficient means.

:: Corporate Vision ::

Our vision is to provide a gateway between an organization and its critical business content, thereby enabling the flow of information transfer in a secure and reliable manner.


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